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This bot allows the creation of join links to non-public rooms in matrix. It uses the Trixnity framework. The bot is currently in early alpha and primarily used as proof-of-concept.

πŸ”¨ This project is in alpha. Feel free to use the matrix chat (see below). πŸ”¨

Reason for this Bot​

I always struggled with the problem that I have private rooms, I want to share with a group of friends. Before the bot, I had to invite all the people. Now I can invite JoinLink and create an invite link. This link can be shared to my friends who want to join my room (including spaces).


  1. Get a matrix account for the bot (e.g., on your own homeserver or on
  2. Prepare configuration:
    • Copy config-sample.json to config.json
    • Enter baseUrl to the matrix server and username / password for the bot user
    • Set an encryption key. The bot will use this string as key to encrypt the state events.
    • Add yourself (e.g., or your homeserver (e.g., to the users (empty == allow all). Users can interact with the bot.
    • Add yourself to the admins (can't be empty)
  3. Either run the bot via jar or run it via the provided docker.
    • If you run it locally, you can use the environment variable CONFIG_PATH to point at your config.json (defaults to ./config.json)
    • If you run it in docker, you can use a command similar to this docker run -itd -v $LOCAL_PATH_TO_CONFIG:/usr/src/bot/data/config.json:ro
    • If you want to persist sessions, you should persist the data volume -v $LOCAL_PATH_TO_DATA:/usr/src/bot/data


  • A user (see user list in configuration file) can invite the bot to a room.
  • After the bot has joined use !join help to get an overview about the features of the bot (remember: the bot only respond to users in the user list)
  • In order to create a Join Link simply type !join link SomeFancyNameForTheLink and the bot will create a join link. Please make sure that the bot has the ability to invite users.






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  • The basic functionality is located in Main.kt. There you can also find the main method of the bot.

How does the bot work​

  1. Let's assume that you want to share the private room !private:room.domain
  2. After you've invited the bot, you can enter !join link IShareLinksWithYou
  3. The bot creates a new public room that contains "IShareLinksWithYou" in its name. This room will not be listed in the room directory; for this example its ID is !public:room.domain
  4. If somebody joins the public room, the bot verifies based on two encrypted state events in !private:room.domain and !public:room.domain whether the rooms belong to each other. If so, the bot simply invites the user to the private room.
  5. If you want to disable the share simply type !join unlink in the private room. This will invalidate the join link.