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Verarbeitung natürlich-sprachlicher Beziehungsbeschreibungen zwischen Objekten


This thesis aims to enable a user of the system to use the relationships between classes and objects to answer questions. The dialog system JustLingo, which is designed as an extension of Excel, serves as the basis for this work. Within the scope of this thesis two steps are performed. In the first step JustLingo is enabled to interpret descriptions of relationships. This makes it possible to create models and work with them. The second step is then to enable the processing of questions that can be answered specifically using the generated models. In addition to these two aspects, JustLingo can recognize design patterns from software engineering or their structure and search for them within a model. In a final step, the created extension is evaluated regarding two aspects, that of recognition and that of use. During the recognition of relationships, an average of 94.9% were correctly added into a model by 13 participants and 15 elements (classes and relationships). The 13 participants were able to answer an average of 86.8% of 10 questions, whereby they could define one of the questions themselves. (Translated from German)


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